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The way we'll roll

Adrienne Tilley-Lefèvre coaching for conscious leadership and teams.

We start with an introduction and set-up to deeply understand your needs and strengths we’ll be using to help you move forward. This is a free, 45 minute introductory session with me. Before we start I will ask you to complete. and confidentially submit, some personal reflection questions to make the most of our time together. Each coaching session after this is 1 hour. 


Your path to purpose


The number of sessions you need will depend on the type and how many goals you want to pursue. Coaching is highly personal - it’s best we discuss the ideal approach and timeframes for your unique needs, get in touch for a free chat today. 

As a rule of thumb, I recommend three sessions over 2-3 months as a minimum to clear an immediate barrier. The maximum sessions I recommend is 12 sessions, ideally spaced 2 weeks a part, this would ensure you reach three big and bold goals and could include some smaller side goals along the way.


Go boldly, dare greatly


Coaching sessions with me are challenging but emboldening. They require total presence, honesty and openness to explore and try new things. I ask a lot of questions as we go exploring possibilities and I open up the pathways for your ideas and passions to break through any blockers.


Coaching with me will help you unlock the transformations that come from greater self-knowledge and self-confidence. It’s about channelling your best self so you can make bold changes, grow creatively, build relationships and solve problems.


Let’s power-up your goals! 

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