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Doing what’s right over what’s easy

When leading ourselves, others and our businesses, how can we better live our purpose and values? Clear the path to choose whats right over what’s easy. Some actions include:

  • Define your purpose and values before you start designing your strategy: knowing your “why” lets “how” almost write itself.

What do we want to be remembered for?

What are we most frequently acknowledged for? “Thank you for being/doing…you’re so…”

What have been the roughest challenges you’ve faced in life up to this point? What got you through and how could it serve you in future battles?

  • Run a stress-test. Note the worst case scenarios that will call you to question your commitment to your purpose and values.

Which of your values will withstand the toughest blaze?

What are all the possible ways you can demonstrate your values in these situations?

Do this before your strategy design work OR do this as part of defining who you are in your next evolution.

  • Own your decisions. In my experience when I own who I am, I make it easier for those around me to do the same.

Sometimes you have to make the tough call, be transparent and don’t hide or pass the buck by saying it was out of your hands.

If you make a wrong call own that too.

Share what you’re grappling with when faced with business decisions that have clear benefits but they could also undermine your purpose and values. You can rally support as well as create shared understanding when a tough final call is made.

  • Make your values relevant and compelling. When a generic word comes up dig into what it means and give it its precise name. To help with this ask (yourself or each person in a team exercise):

What does this word mean?

Does this word inspire an image in my mind?

Does this word inspire me to act? How?

  • Put your purpose and values in full view! Up on a wall where you and everyone else can see, read and get inquisitive about them.

  • Recognise and reward the actions you see that show your values.

  • Practice receiving feedback well.

  • Practice sharing feedback well.

If you want help identifying your personal or business purpose and values as well as how you’ll live them, get in touch with me. I’ll be in your corner cheering you and helping you stay accountable at the same time.

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