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The Human Solar Panel

Adrienne Tilley-Lefevre

I power up conscious change makers to create a new world! As a certified professional coach and change manager, I am obsessed with helping people and teams to take the courageous path to better selves, teams and communities.


I believe human potential is infinite and everyone wins when we can be our whole selves. We created the rules for how our world currently works (and doesn’t), we can and must recreate them for a better now and future. 

People say my superpower is to reflect the strengths of others and holding up the mirror to their humanity and achievements and energising their momentum. I do this by creating connection to our whole self and whole team. I engage the nervous system, brain, thoughts and feelings. I work with ambitious and empathetic professionals to help them discover and champion their purpose and values, to lead and live consciously with emotional intelligence.

With 20 years of experience in executive roles in People and Culture, I’ve long been focused on what enables people to bring their best selves to work. I’ve loved growing leaders and challenging the things that get in the way of meaningful contributions and teamwork.  

I’m a Neuroleadership Institute-Certified Results Coach, and also a SquadifyPro certified partner for teamwork that works. I’m passionate about behavioural change management (it's never just about the tech), evidence-based coaching, cultivating daily mindful practices for a happy, healthy and sharp brain, and the power of play in self-development.

Image by Sean Sinclair

An approach that sees the whole beautiful you

Image by Sean Sinclair


Build greater focus and clarity by defining your purpose, aligning to your values and unleashing your gifts on the world. Learn more about Engaging Your Whole Self - my personal purpose accelerator for busy professionals, kind souls and curious hearts. 


Imagine a world where you’re thriving at work, instead of just tolerating the grind. If you’re feeling rudderless, confused or overwhelmed about the next step up, or contemplating a wild leap to the side, Career Coaching will help you get clear on where you want to be and what you need to get there. Together we’ll light a fire under your ambition, and celebrate as you soar. Learn more about Career Coaching for greater clarity on your professional path. 


From chemistry to culture and collaboration, I love working with conscious teams to uncover what makes them tick and the conditions they need to do their best work. As a SquadifyPro certified consultant, I design workshops, team coaching programs, meaningful offsites, team building activities, and leadership programs for teams across a wide array of industries. I also consult for organisations on People and Culture practices, and can deliver a mean key note! Get in touch if you’d like to talk performance with a culture that reflects your values.


Learn how to quiet your inner critic, scale your strengths and lead with compassion and vision. Together we can build your confidence and resilience, and help you show up more fully in your work life. Learn more about Professional Coaching to enhance your performance and professional confidence.


I’m here to do my part to make a brilliant future - not just a better one - turning up the confidence dials and encouraging one courageous conversation at a time. My Personal Coaching sessions are all about cranking the volume on the good in your life, so you can become the best version of yourself, and create ripples of good impact for the world around you. Learn more about Personal Coaching for fuller, brighter, kinder life. 


Practicing mindfulness and meditation is essential to support change in your thoughts and feelings at the physiological level. These practices regulate our nervous system and change our brain. They have formed the go-to tools for me to transform, not just survive, in the most deeply destabilising and stressful times in my life. Being equipped with these tools and techniques gives you confidence that no matter what life throws, you've inner resources for support.

I provide guided meditation sessions for beginners through to seasoned practitioners. Learn more about guided meditations for you, your team, community, or, join any of my regular practices for a moment of peace and recalibration. 

Image by Gradienta
Adrienne is skilled at asking questions that get you thinking and connecting with your core self, your core values – she helps you connect your heart with your head.
She’s generous with her time, encouraging with her feedback and openly shares her knowledge.
Working with Adrienne has given me the confidence to get clear on my vision and put strategies in place to move forward and make it happen.

 - Susan

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